About Us


This business was built from the ground up over the course of many years. Through the end of high school years, and throughout college, the owner built clientele and a relationship with those clients that have driven this business to be what it is today.


We are able to make our services affordable through simple business strategies such as having the client provide their own vacuum, mops, and brooms. This eliminates costs of those items, especially vacuums and costs of their upkeep. 

As a business, we believe in the idea of happy employee, happy customer. Here at My Cleaning Lady LLC, we strive to offer benefits such as paid time off, easy access to retirement accounts and a well paid job for our worker's. You, the client, can expect optimal work ethics and workmanship to be provided with our professional staff because of our standards for our employees.

Estimates prior to any cleaning's will always take place to ensure we are equipped to handle the job on your day. Estimates are a combination of your homes already, or not already up-kept status, size of your home, family status and 8+ years of knowledge and work in this field by the owner and operator of My Cleaning Lady LLC.